Value-enhancing solutions specifically tailored for emerging companies.

We know how hard it is to start a company. And we know the process of legal organization can be mysterious, frustrating and tedious. You need solutions, you need them fast and you don’t want to spend a fortune.

We answer this need with QUICKLaunchSM. It’s everything you require:  

  • Flexible & Tailored - because every business comes together differently
  • Streamlined - because you have better things to do than get bogged down in legalities
  • Cost-Effective - because you have more important things to do with your money
  • Practical - because future investors will want the comfort that your company was properly organized and can easily transition into one of their preferred structures
  • High-Quality - because being new and small shouldn’t disqualify you from receiving high-level service

What’s the Plan?

Really simple. You complete a questionnaire and, for a fixed fee, we will accomplish all of the following for you:

  1. Complete and file the documents necessary to form your company
  2. Obtain your employer identification number from the IRS
  3. Prepare the documents that establish your company’s organization and governance structure
  4. Document the founders’ equity issuances – who gets it, in what amounts and under what conditions
  5. Document the compensation, equity, intellectual property and other particulars for your initial team
  6. Provide the answers and counseling you need to jump through these hoops as gracefully as possible

One Reasonable Fee. We do all of these things for a flat fee of $3,000 and, of that amount, only $500 is due up front. Your $2,500 balance is due only after you bring in at least $25,000, whether through revenue, debt or equity sale. While this $3,000 fee covers our work, it doesn’t include third-party costs (e.g., filing fees with the secretary of state), but those rarely exceed $750 at this stage. That’s all there is to it.

Focus & Scope. In some cases, the focus and scope of our work do expand, but only upon your request. Perhaps branding is such a sensitive issue that trademark work is essential right out of the gate, a sophisticated license or contribution of technology is involved, an elaborate capitalization or funding structure is required or a private placement memorandum is necessary. In cases like these, we can’t promise that this extra work will be covered by your fixed fee. What we can promise is that we will scope and price the work carefully, with you and in advance, so that you can look before you leap.

One More Thing. While this might be uncomfortable to consider right now, we want you to know we are here to help you, no matter what. For a variety of reasons, sometimes things just don’t work out and you have to make the difficult decision to dissolve your business. We hope that time never comes for you, but if it does, we also can assist you in that process to ensure it’s done properly and as painlessly as possible. 

We have the experience and the credibility to deliver what you need. This is what we do, and we look forward to doing it with you.